12 de abril de 2008

Moliba Makasi

olélé olélé moliba makasi (bis)
Luka, Luka

mboka na yé (bis)
mboka mboka Kasaï
Son pays, c’est le Kasaï
olélé olélé moliba makasi (bis)
Benguéla oya oya
Yakara a oya oya
Konguidja a oya oya
olélé olélé moliba makasi (bis)

Móliba Makasi es una canción en Lingalí. Es una canción del Congo que habla sobre cómo es posible ir contracorriente si se rema con coraje (esto es un poco traducción libre de lo que he leido por ahí, pero a lo mejor alguien me puede corregir).

También es Molibá Mákási, el nombre de una asociación francesa que he tenido el gusto de conocer hace unos meses...

Primeras líneas que escribo en inglés para darle ánimos a Gilles en su viaje, asi que ya podéis disculparme (mis poquitos lectores), tanto los no angloparlantes si no lo entendéis, como los angloparlantes por mis posibles meteduras de pata:

Gilles is such a kind of guy that will impress you so much if you can talk a bit with him. I meet him in my work, at the university. He has come to our university in several interchanges and we've had the luck of sharing our office with him. His last visit was the last week. He came alone in an old car and just wanted to visit us in his way to marrocco. He created a NGO named Molibá Mákási which works in collaboration with "Livres Sans Frontieres". The main idea is to arrange a kind of "humanitarian trips" in order to carry stuff (like books) to the places they are going to.

The philosophy is not to go in a new-and-enormous 4x4 all road jeep but go in an old-but-still-working car. The car is the signature of the organization (you can see an example either in the photographs or in their web site). He came in an old Citroen 2CV (I don't know how is its name in english) painted by hand... amazing! The paintings represents the evolution of the signs and symbols starting in the antropological signs (hands and human body's shapes) and ending with several alphabets.

I undersand that the main activity has a lot of drawback, furthermore they are a lot of organizations that won't support the shipping of i.e. books because it is not good for the local economy. It's true and I agree with them but its also true that the shippings themselves are not the objective of those trips. The trips are just an excuse to go, know and meet our african neighbours. The main goal is to open the travellers' mind in contact with e.g. a moroccan family and discover that we are not as different as the telly says. In fact the chosen car haven't place enough to carry a lot of material (in the present trip Gilles was carrying two computers, some boxes with books and obviously, some cans of fuel) so in the end the the stuff is used to support local, little counterparts which have been contacted and visited before to know their reliability.

The idea for the first trip was a kind of "Italian Job" caravan travelling down to morocco but in the end it has become a lonely adventure for Gilles. People don't know if it is either madness or altruism, but the truth is that Gilles is right now somewhere between Riff and the moroccan Atlas...

Good Luck Gilles!

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Respuesta de Gilles - Gilles' Comments:

Ouaouh Mikel...

Thanks a lot, I feel concerned about your post on your blog. I really do.
It's so kind of you.

Even when you talk about the ideas, I can feel your opinion but I can also see that you remember a lot about our talks. I do. You've made me wonder about those things and change a little bit some of my aims. Thanks for this also !

I think I won't have the opportunity to stop on my way back, but now I know that if I need some one who will give information to XXX Univ. I found that guy ;-)

Do you allow me to change your mail into a comment on my blog ? Or do you want to do it yourself ? It could be great.

I've tried to post one on yours, but I failed to create an account (because of my old browser here I guess)

CU (and thanks again)


3 comentarios:

  1. Thank you so much for this kind message.
    I remember our talks, and now I know that I wasn't wrong about my feelings. You're really... No se como decirlo en Ingles, en Castillano tan poco :-(. Let us say "with something deep in your thoughts" It just looks like if everything were important for you, important enougth to wonder about.
    Thnaks for being like this.

    Take care !

    (Right now, I'm in Boulemane in the Middle Atlas. I'm working in an NGO called CJM 'Chantier Jeunesse Maroc' Tomorrow, Mohamed VI, King of Morocco is coming to Boulemane, maybe I will have the opportunity to talk to him about Moliba Makasi ;-) I will leave Boulemane on Wednesday, inch Allah, to go to Errachidia to meet another NGO there... )

  2. ¡Muy bonito! Me encanta el África Negra, la gran olvidada...

  3. Olélé olélé moliba makasi (bis)
    Luka luka
    mboka na yé (bis)
    Mboka mboka Kasai.

    Eeo ee eeo Benguela aya (bis)
    Oya oya
    Yakara a
    Oya oya
    Konguidja a
    Oya oya.

    ¡Olelé! ¡olelé! La corriente está muy fuerte.
    ¡Remad! ¡Remad!
    Su país,
    Su país, es el Kasai.

    ¡Eeo, ee eeo, que venga Benguela!
    ¡Ven! ¡Ven!
    El valiente
    ¡Ven! ¡Ven!
    El generoso
    ¡Ven! ¡ven!


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